5 Reasons Why Term Life Insurance With No Exam is a Good Choice for Older People

Getting life insurance becomes harder as you get older. Here I’ll explain the benefits to selecting a life insurance policy that doesn’t require medical examinations.

When people think about life insurance, it seems that the go-to reaction is one of fear and loathing. People are confused about how to buy, when to buy, and what type of life insurance they should be looking for.

This confusion occurs because there are a good many myths and misinformation surrounding term life insurance. Many people think that they will be ineligible, or be unable to get reasonable health insurance because of their medical history.

There are many ways to negotiate life insurance and find a plan that works for you. There are even ways to get term life insurance with no medical exam!

Here are a few common myths and the truths behind them:

  • Many young people feel as though they don’t need to but life insurance. Some young people think that they should wait until they are married, or have children, before thinking about life insurance; but the truth is that there are many perks to buying life insurance while you’re still young. For one thing, it’s more likely that you’ll get a great deal at lower premiums. It’s also easier for young, healthy people to qualify than for older people.


  • There are plans that older people can seek out that require no medical exam, and therefore give them a better shot of getting insured. This is a fantastic choice for older people because no medical exam means an unbiased premium rate. For others, a traditional policy would do just as well, and sometimes have more options when it comes to coverage amounts and the like.


  • You don’t need to choose between term life insurance and whole life insurance. These two types of insurance are very different, and it can be tough to figure out which would be better for you. Whole life gives you a lifetime of coverage, but the premium is higher; term life gives the purchaser a larger amount of coverage for less, but only lasts for a while. You can actually choose to have one of each policy, and really cover your bases!


  • It isn’t true that life insurance is prohibitively expensive. There are plenty of options to suit any price range, and life insurance can pretty much be made affordable for anyone. As long as you look around and do your research, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to find a good life insurance policy.


  • Even for senior citizens, there are options. No medical exam insurance is only one option, and it is never too late to find a policy that will work for you! There are actually entire companies that cater to the insurance needs of senior citizens, so it would be wrong to assume that as a senior citizen, you would be unable to find coverage!

Life insurance is an essential security to have at any stage in one’s life. Whether you are young and single, or older with a family, life insurance is a very important service to invest in. There are options for just about every life style out there if you do a bit of browsing around!

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