A Heart Healthy Diet for Men

Father’s Day was on Sunday, and over the past week the press has been focusing on men’s health.  National Men’s health Week’s focus is to raise awareness of heart problems in men, and to promote healthier lifestyles in order to prevent life-threatening illness.

Heart disease, stroke and certain kinds of cancers are the main causes of death in American men.  However, these illnesses are largely preventable.  Creating a healthy lifestyle for yourself and making certain that you are getting plenty of nutrient-rich foods in your diet will help to prevent these diseases to a certain degree.

Boy, what a great way to celebrate Father’s Day, huh?  You’ve worked hard supporting your family, raising your children to be responsible, functioning members of society… What better way to celebrate your special day than with a nice hearty salad? Don’t worry!  There are plenty of great ways to indulge your senses, all while nourishing your body.

You have probably heard a lot about omega fatty acids.  They have been shown to be essential to protecting your health.  Fatty acids may help prevent irregular heartbeats, lower blood pressure and reduce atherosclerosis.  All you have to do to reap the omega’s benefits is add salmon to your diet.  Just two fish meals every week and you will meet your daily requirement of 0.5 grams daily. Fire up your grill and slap some of that fish on the fire for a delicious entrée.  You probably still have quite a bit of room left for something else, though.  How about adding some red peppers, onion and zucchini?  Slice up some broccoli and Portobello mushrooms and grill for a tasty side dish.  Adding vegetables to your diet will help you meet the daily requirement of at least four and a half cups of fruits and vegetables. 

Provided that the seasonings you use result in a low-sodium dish, eating potassium-rich foods could also help lower blood pressure and even a person’s risk factor for stroke. While you have got that cooking, whip something together to snack on.  Forget the chips and dip.  Instead, dice up some lycopene packed tomatoes and toss them into a fresh salsa.  The red, vegetable wannabe is full of the disease-fighting compound that research shows may help prevent prostate cancer.  Tasty, and healthy, feel free to use multi-grain breads or chips to shovel the super fruit in.

And don’t forget the leftovers!  Use up the rest of that salmon in a sandwich.  Prepare the fish just as you would with tuna fish, with mayonnaise, celery, pickles or onion.  Place the mixture on heart-healthy whole wheat, or whole grain bread.  Or, if you always end up losing half of your sandwich from between the two pieces of bread, grab a pita pocket instead. Leftover grilled vegetables can be reheated in a rice steamer.  Drizzle with some equally beneficial olive oil to prevent the vegetables from drying out and sticking together. Or, just eat it straight from the fridge. Pour your favorite low-fat salad dressing over the vegetables and enjoy. 

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be a chore.  There are plenty of ways to make the foods you need to eat, the foods you want to eat.  Simple lifestyle changes like these will help you ensure that you are around for many more Father’s Days to come. 

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