No Medical Exam Life Insurance
Questions and Answers

What are the different types of No Exam Life Insurance coverage?

Guaranteed issue life insurance: With guaranteed issue life insurance, applicants are not required to answer any medical questions in order to apply.

Graded benefit life insurance: Involving a few medical questions, graded benefit life insurance is slightly more advanced than graded benefit life insurance.

Simplified issue life insurance: Applicants must answer several health related questions. There is still no need for medical examinations.

What are the benefits of No Exam Life Insurance?

No exam life insurance is available to people who may not qualify for traditional insurance. No exam life insurance is easy to get. You never have to go to a doctor’s office to acquire and maintain your policy. Also, no exam insurance allows gives you a policy quickly, some providers may even offer it instantly. Without medical examinations, the applications process is shortened greatly.

How does No Exam Life Insurance compare to traditional insurance in price?

Life insurance policies that do not require medical examinations, especially if they are guaranteed coverage, are usually more expensive than traditional life insurance policies because the insurance provider has less information about the applicant. No medical exam insurance policies often carry high premiums and low face values.

Who should apply for No Exam Life Insurance? 

People who have been declined for life insurance policies because of health, age, or any other findings from medical examinations should apply for no medical exam life insurance. People who are looking for immediate life insurance should apply for no medical exam life insurance, as well. If you are considering no exam life insurance, you should request a quote and research your options.