Five Steps on How to Find a Great Doctor

Selecting the perfect doctor that knows you well and is always available to take care of you is hard to find, but read here for my tips on how to find the perfect match.


Finding a good doctor that will help you take care of your health, no matter if you’re completely healthy or are suffering from different chronic medical conditions, may seem like quite a challenge for some people. They may have had bad experiences with medical practitioners in the past, and might avoid going to a doctor as much as possible, even opting for no medical exam life insurance just to skip the medical exam. Of course, this isn’t the optimal thing to do. There are a few ways to find an excellent doctor. Here are some tips:


Ask your friends and family members

Ask around to see who they would recommend. They will be able to give you an honest and unbiased opinion about specific doctors that they’ve used in the past or are currently seeing on a regular basis, so you would get more information as to whether this is a doctor you would truly want to see.


Get a referral from another doctor

It is common for general practitioners to refer people to a specialist, such as a cardiologist or dermatologist, if it becomes needed. Medical professionals know each other and work together to maintain people’s health, so there’s a high chance that your family physician will know some of the top specialists in a certain area of specialty.


Check out doctor rating and review sites

There are a few sites where patients who have seen a certain doctor can post anonymous reviews and ratings about their experiences. This can serve as a good guide for you to determine the strong points and the weak points of a physician. Most doctors will have a few patients that weren’t completely satisfied with them for various reasons, so it’s not a bad thing to see a few negative comments. But if you see a doctor who has consistently bad reviews, especially if certain complaints (lack of bedside manners, rushing patients through, making bad diagnostics, etc.) come up regularly, you will know to stay clear of him or her.


Verify the doctor’s board record

This will let you see if the doctor in question has had any disciplinary actions taken against them or if they’ve been sued for malpractice. If you see a doctor that has been successfully sued by a few patients in the last couple of years, or has had disciplinary actions taken against them by the state medical board, you know this is one that you would be better off staying away from.


Meet the doctor in person for a check up

If you go see the doctor for a simple check up, you will be able to see first hand how they perform. Ask a few questions about your health and see whether they appear interested in helping you or are dismissive. Doing so will let you see whether this is a physician that you can rely on if you get sick and will also allow you to evaluate the other office employees.

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