Healthy vs. Unhealthy

A discussion of McDonald’s new “healthy” menu. Then I talk about the costs of eating healthy.

Last week, McDonald’s released its new marketing campaign to do with their new menu, “Favorites under 400 calories.” The menu will be on boards and drive-thrus all across the United States and has to do with the chain’s effort to become the official restaurant sponsor of the Olympic Games. This is also the first time that McDonald’s has actually offered calorie count as a way of purchasing meals. McDonald’s is very concerned presently with making sure that it customers are fully aware of what exactly they are ordering. According to records, the chain has been doing quite well when it comes to the changes that have been made in the last few years. They seem to be very concerned about their customers and want to do everything in their power to make sure that everyone is as satisfied as they can possibly be and on the topic of marketing, McDonald’s has spent an extreme amount to get their message out there.

I admit it… yes, I tend to eat fast food every now and then and yes, I feel guilty afterward. The major problem with fast food is that it just tastes so damn good! Forget the fact that most of the ingredients are probably better left unsaid, but if only unhealthy food tasted disgusting then maybe we wouldn’t have such an obesity issue on our hands and maybe the world would be a better place. Who knows. What I do know, however, is that this new marketing campaign for “Favorites Under 400 Calories” at McDonald’s is not going to catch the eye of anyone. First of all, anyone who sees an ad for McDonald’s that claims that they now supply “healthier” choices is not going to believe it. Second of all, the people that choose to go to a place like McDonald’s are not looking to eat healthy to begin with. And last but certainly not least, when you have a fast food joint like McDonald’s it is hard for it to be taken seriously considering its reputation up until now.

Junk food has always been affordable, whereas organic or health food has always been expensive. That fact is not only astonishing, but also extremely repulsive and let me explain why. The way that food is marketed now, whether by digital marketing agencies or others, is that healthy food is boring, bland, and will leave your palette unsatisfied. These are exactly the images that food companies should be doing away with and the only reason they haven’t is because of the money that is rolling in when it comes to fast unhealthy food. In this economy, it is very difficult to find affordable food choices that are 100% natural and that your body can benefit from. I have never understood why all the companies just do not get rid of all their unhealthy products and start selling healthy ones. If all the companies around the world began producing good food at affordable prices, then they could still get the same amount of money since there would be no “good vs. bad” any longer.

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