How Good Can Insurance Without Medical Exams Be?

      We all know the importance of owning life insurance. Being prepared for the unexpected is always of the utmost importance. Getting life insurance is a tremendous gesture for your family and the ones you leave behind. With so many insurance companies constantly advertising through so many media outlets, you would believe that life insurance would be easy to acquire. However, if it has been a while since your last doctor’s visit and you do not have sufficient medical paperwork, acquiring long term life insurance may be difficult.

Fortunately there is no medical exam life insurance. Many companies offer no medical exam life insurance which, as the name suggests, does not require any medical examinations, though you may have to answer questions about your medical history (simplified issue life insurance). Some providers may offer no medical exam life insurance that does not even ask questions about medical history (guaranteed issue life insurance), however guaranteed issue life insurance policies have smaller face amounts and higher premiums than traditional life insurance.


While guaranteed and simplified issue insurance policies are more expensive than traditional insurance, they may be the right choice if you are unhealthy or have a number of health risks. If you may be or have been denied traditional insurance, you should pursue guaranteed coverage; no exam life insurance does not discriminate. No exam life insurance is easy to get. You never have to go to a doctor’s office to acquire and maintain your policy. Also, no exam insurance allows gives you a policy quickly, some providers may even offer it instantly. Without medical examinations, the applications process is shortened greatly.

If no medical exam insurance sounds right to you, consult an insurance specialist or seek a quote to find out more information.


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