Insurance Without Medical Exams

Get Insured Even Without Medical Exams

When searching for a life insurance policy that best suits your needs, you are required to go through a number of medical exams and report the results to most insurance providers. However, not all insurance providers require these medical exams. If you have been declined for life insurance policies because of your health, age, or any other findings from medical examinations, you still have plenty of options.

Who Should Consider Insurance without Medical Exams?

Insurance companies make their calculated decisions based on a number of factors in your medical history. Many companies will be less likely to consider your application if you:

- Are over a certain age
– Have been a smoker or heavy drinker
– Have a history of serious illness
– Are currently on a lot of medication

If you fall under any of these categories, no medical exam life insurance may be the right decision for you.  

Who Should Not Consider Insurance without Medical Exams?

If you are in good health, no medical exam life insurance is probably not your best option. Life insurance companies make their decisions based on your medical records. If you do not provide medical records, in order to compensate for their lack of information, they will charge higher premiums and have lower pay outs. If you can see a doctor and are in good health, you would be best not pursuing no medical exam life insurance.