Is 2012 the Year to Get No Medical Exam Life Insurance?

        With each New Year, we all have certain things about our life that we would like to improve upon. Most of us come up with resolutions, likely to lose weight, exercise more frequently, read more books, etc. But how many of those people, when we reach the end of the year in December, can say that they accomplished that resolution? My guess is not many. In fact, I’d bet that a large amount of people don’t even remember what their resolution was, let alone accomplish it.

Here is an easy resolution: if you currently don’t own life insurance, now is the time to buy yourself a policy. None of us like to think about the possibility of death, but sadly the truth is that accidents and unexpected illnesses happen. Owning life insurance is a fantastic gesture to your family and friends. Even if you don’t want to think about the unexpected, you should still be prepared for it.

If you are looking for an immediate policy, life insurance without medical exams may be right for you. No medical exam life insurance policies typically carry high premiums and low face values, but if you either cannot or do not want to see a doctor, it is your best option. With no medical exam life insurance, you avoid the hassle of a doctor’s appointment, providing blood or urine samples, or submitting to any other medical examinations. Also, if you have been declined for traditional life insurance policies due to age, illness or history of heavy drinking/smoking, a guaranteed issue insurance policy may be your best option.

In 2012, you need to be on a reliable life insurance policy. Be prepared for the unexpected and don’t your loved ones suffer even further with your loss. If you don’t already own a policy, request a life insurance quote today and look into a life insurance without medical exam policy.

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