Life Insurance Hassle Free

When the term “life insurance” comes to mind, most people become exhausted with just the mere thought of all that goes along with it. Just like any other type of application, life insurance requires that one meets specific physical and medical criteria. The endless paperwork and medical exams needed to receive life insurance is enough to make anyone put it it off, but what if there was life insurance without the necessity of medical exams? A lot of people fail to realize that there are several polices that allow you to get a life insurance quote without going through a medical examination. Here are a few little facts about these polices:

  • Guaranteed Issuance or Acceptance Life Insurance is another form of life insurance that does not require a medical exam. It is simple and quick.
  • Graded Benefit Life Insurance involves some basic health questions, however if something happens to you  within the first two years, you do not get the full payout.
  • Simplified Issue Life Insurance requires you to complete an application, but no examination or blood work is needed.
  • A life insurance quote eliminates the uncertainty of being unaccepted. Insurance policies tend to be awarded in an instant.
  • Term life insurance quotes offered are now based on the concept of risk spreading and pooling among insured individuals. This means that the risk of two or more of people in a group dying at the same time is quite rare.
  • Combining the above concept with the provision of a term, companies can conclude that all or a large number of those insured will most likely not die simultaneously or even within the time frame of the policy. Most will tend to either outlive the term or expiration. Because of these considerations, companies believe that medical examinations are no longer needed for profit.
  • No medical exam means that you will be able to avoid a doctor’s office.
  • Most insurance providers that do not require a medical exam have been known to have an extremely quick 24 hour turnaround, and they provide higher amounts of coverage with cheaper premiums.

By allowing one to have term life insurance without making them have a medical examination, I believe that this will push more people to go out and get themselves insured. I personally know several individuals who avoid going to the doctors at all costs, and in turn they do not have life insurance. Life insurance is something that every citizen should have. It shouldn’t matter whether you young or old, rich or poor, in school or not in school, etc. People shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not they or their loved ones will be taken care of, so any way to make it less of a hassle for everyone will be greatly beneficial to everyone. 

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