No Medical Exam Smoker Life Insurance

If You Smoke, Consider Your Options

Life insurance agents do not want to cover smokers. Insurance companies see insuring smokers as having inherently dangerous risks, putting the company at a greater risk of paying out the death benefit in your policy. If you smoke, you may be paying exorbitant premiums and not getting an appropriate level of coverage relative to those premiums you are paying.

There is a Plan for You

Insurance has become a very competitive business, you can tell by the millions of dollars spent annually by insurance companies on advertising and marketing. Competition is good for the customer. With so many insurance providers out there competing for your business, there is likely going to be an insurance company with the right policy for you at the right price, even if you do smoke. The best way to find out your options is by exploring different company policies and comparing quotes.

Smokers, like everyone else, want affordable life insurance with an easy application process. If you are in good health, besides your history as a smoker, you should apply for a traditional life insurance policy that requires proof of medical records. However, you should also apply for no medical exam life insurance. A no medical exam life insurance policy does not require the applicant to submit any medical records, and the application process is both fast and easy. One downside of no medical exam life insurance is that the applicant has to pay higher premiums. However, if you are a smoker, you will probably be paying higher premiums for traditional life insurance any way.

Even if you are a smoker, the right life insurance policy is out there for you. Higher premiums are no reason to go without life insurance. Every smoker should have the peace of mind of the right insurance policy, you just have to find it.