Seeking High Risk Life Insurance

           If you are looking for a life insurance policy that will work for you, even if you are a high risk life insurance candidate. What I mean by high risk is that you may have a medical condition that may carry with it something called “impaired risk.” Impaired risk means that the applicant is more likely to die during the time they are covered by the insurance policy than the average applicant. Different insurance companies have different opinions of impaired risk as some are more lenient than others. If you have been declined for life insurance due to a medical condition, you should look into finding life insurance without medical exams and research a number of different no exam life insurance providers.

Some insurance agencies offer high risk life insurance, which is a customized policy that factors your high risk medical condition into the policy. Some examples of high risk life insurance are life insurance with diabetes, high cholesterol/on cholesterol medication, high blood pressure/on blood pressure medication, or bipolar disorder. There are also non-medical high risk cases, such as people whose occupation or hobbies carry inherent danger. Even if you have run into trouble with the law, like driving under the influence, you may qualify as high risk.

If you are high risk and looking for the best life insurance for you, you will likely have to fill out a questionnaire with any insurance application (the same is true of all life insurance, except for some guaranteed issue life insurance). Be sure to shop around when looking for the best policy; the more bidders, the better. Take the time to apply to many different high risk and no medical life insurance companies. These companies should typically give you a quote estimation on the price. Be sure to research the quotes, plans and policies before making a decision! Your life insurance policy is an important decision that cannot wait any longer.

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