Three Easy Ways to Ensure You Will do Well on a Life Insurance Medical Exam

Life insurance medical exams determine how much your monthly premiums will be. Employing these easy general lifestyle choices will ensure you keep your premiums low.

Life insurance represents an important step in preparing for the future. Investing in life insurance means that you acknowledge that one day, this life will come to an end and that, in the event of an untimely passing, the loved ones left behind will be adequately taken care of. There are many things to consider when taking the step to invest. You must ask yourself what you’re planning on insuring yourself for. For example, you can have a life insurance policy for a general purpose which will cover things like funeral expenses, medical bills in the event of a lengthy sickness, or to ensure that your family continues to have a certain level of comfort in their lifestyle. These particular considerations would be most appropriately covered by whole life insurance. Term life insurance, the other general type of insurance, would be more appropriate as coverage for events during a certain period of time in life. Examples would include providing coverage for the length of time that your children are in college, or until a mortgage debt is payed. There are also many more options of payment with term life insurance as well as the option of term life insurance without medical exam. This option contains a much higher premium so, while it is a much advertised option and generally easier to attain, you would do well to avoid having to use this option. Three basic lifestyle changes would ensure that you are very fit for your medical exam and, in turn, will receive a lower premium payment.

Firstly, keeping your weight under control is of utmost importance for anybody, let alone somebody seeking to avoid investing in term life insurance without medical exam. Obesity, an ailment that plagues a large and growing percentage of Americans, leads to a host of other health complications including high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer. Keeping a diet low in saturated fat and added sugar and high in fruits, vegetables and lean meats will definitely help put you on the right track, as well as exercising regularly in an activity that gives you and your heart a good aerobic workout. Additionally, you don’t want your weight to be too low, because doctors also caution against malnutrition and the dangers of anorexia.

Secondly, you should avoid smoking. Smokers put themselves at the highest risk of lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, emphysema, and other chronic lung diseases. Several thousands of people die from these diseases each year, and insurance companies are well aware of these statistics and will accordingly increase the premium payments.

Lastly, avoiding excessive alcohol consumption is high on the list of things to do to receive a clean bill of health on a medical exam. In addition to being at risk of liver disease and cancer of the throat, mouth, esophagus and colon, insurance companies know that excessive alcohol drinking leads to many other health concerns. Binge drinking leads to poor decision making that puts drinkers in situations where they can be unsafe in choosing sexual partners, getting in fights and, most commonly, driving while intoxicated.

Since term life insurance without medical exam is so expensive, it should provide extra motivation to integrate these lifestyle choices into your own life.

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