What is Life Insurance Without Medical Exam?

There is a percentage of the population that will find they are unable to get life coverage; this can be due to recently suffering a heart attack or being over a certain age. Before no medical exam life insurance was introduced these people had to either pay a premium or accept a lower grade of coverage.

Life insurance with no medical exam is a policy that does not require the insured to undergo a full medical examination. Usually when applying for life insurance the company will want to know your full medical background and have you examined by a doctor or clinic recommended by them. If you fail this medical exam or bring up warnings, your policy may be tailored or in worst case scenarios terminated due to any underlying conditions. No exam life insurance has completely changed the industry and opened opportunities to people who were previously unable to get life insurance.

Who qualifies for life insurance with no medical exam?

Everyone qualifies for guaranteed issue life insurance. If you have suffered from a heart attack or any terminal disease like cancer then you automatically qualify for this type of coverage. Also if you are a senior citizen and have found it hard to gain a decent policy then you also fall into this category as well. No medical exam life insurance is basically for anyone who does not want to see a doctor for one reason or another. If you are young then you may be paying a higher premium than a normal policy, but if you are a senior citizen you may be able to see savings on your annual coverage.

The best way to find this type of life insurance by going online. You will be able to find specialist companies that will be able to sell you specific policies to suit your criteria.

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